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Why BullionProtect

Strict protocols and procedures are in place to ensure that banks and other stakeholders can source trustworthy gold from refineries with stipulated purity and controlled origin. Gold bullions carry company hallmarks as a quality signature. Faked or counterfeit gold bars may carry reproductions of hallmarks of renowned manufacturers damaging their reputation as well as compromising the integrity of the international gold market.

BullionProtect is an integrated solution comprising a security seal and dedicated validation devices.

SICPA, the Swiss-based leading provider of global security solutions for currencies, has jointly developed with Metalor Technologies a technology-based security feature – BullionProtect – in line with LBMA guidance, enabling all actors within the supply chain to authenticate the genuineness of precious metal products.

BullionProtect is an all-round global security solution:

  • Security built on proven technology with high counterfeit robustness;
  • Simple and immediate verification of security seals even in conditions with limited space, without adequate lighting and without internet connection;
  • Compatible with existing and potential security measures without impairing gold purity at all stages of production, delivery, transaction and recycling;
  • Versatile solution that can be customised into various colours and designs and scalable to different market needs and evolving demands;
  • Cost-effective and time-effective - no change on production procedures, minor cost adjustments, with no or minimal investment.

BullionProtect verification

The security seal has inherent properties that can be unequivocally and instantly identified and verified through different authentication means.

The visual verification can be performed with a credit-card size validator that is easy-to-use. It takes only a few seconds to validate the security seal.

When viewed with the validator, this design label turns green under the left filter and the patterns brighten under the right filter.

The visual authentication can also be performed with a specific flashlight. This handheld device is well suited when lighting conditions are poor and for large volume verification. It takes only one minute to validate more than 100 security seals.

The blinking flashlight reveals, through two alternating beams, the same colour and pattern changes as with the credit-card size validator.

BullionProtect is the most time-effective security solution

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